Roof Retrofitting for Metal Buildings

In recent years, an increasing part of our business is the reroofing of low slope pre-engineered metal buildings. Roof problems on this type of building are commonly related to the many exposed fasteners that secure the roof panels to the structural roof purlins. Over time, the constant expansion and contraction of the metal roof contributes to the fasteners loosening, jeopardizing the roof system’s water-tight capabilities. In addition, excessive heat loss often occurs due to inadequate insulation, resulting in the formation of ice dams and water infiltration at the unsealed seams and exposed fasteners. We have reroofed many pre-engineered metal buildings with fully adhered EPDM roof systems, yielding a leak free roof with increased insulation R-value.

EPDM(Rubber) Roof System Work Steps:

  • The existing metal roof remains in place.
  • Roof insulation (one or more layers) is installed between and over the ribs of the existing metal roof panels. On most metal buildings, the existing insulation is installed on the underside of the roof, causing compression of the insulation and zero insulation value at every purlin. Our insulation system adds significant R-value, reducing heating costs during winter months and cooling costs in the summer. The roof starts paying for itself immediately in energy savings.
  • EPDM membrane is fully adhered to the insulation.
  • Roof system qualifies for a material and system warranty from the manufacturer, Carlisle Syntec Systems, for a period up to 20 years. Carlisle is the industry leader in EPDM roof systems.

List of Completed Metal Building Retrofit Projects for Reference:

  • Coles Transportation Museum - Perry Road, Bangor
  • FMC - Crocketts Point, Rockland
  • Kennebec Equipment Rental - Several Locations
  • Owls Head Transportation Museum - Owls Head
  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds and Orion Ropes – Winslow
  • Central Maine Motors – Waterville