Roof Maintenance & Snow Removal Services

C.O. Beck and Sons provides maintenance and snow removal services that are essential to extending the lifespan and integrity of our customer's roof systems.

C.O. Beck and Sons offers maintenance and repair programs for existing EPDM roof systems. This type of work normally includes “stripping in” existing field seams, flashing around roof-top units and vents, and perimeter metal flashings. Maintenance programs can significantly extend the life of an EPDM roof. Often times, this type of preventative maintenance is a cost effective alternative to a complete reroofing project. To best understand if reroofing or maintenance is the best option, we provide our customers with free roof inspections and consultations.

Snow Removal
During periods of heavy snow that often times accompany Maine winters, roofs with little or no pitch can accumulate large quantities of snow. Once the decision to remove snow is made, it is important to take proper care in removing snow in such a way that the roof surface is not damaged. Too often roof systems are damaged when reckless and/or inexperienced contractors are hired to conduct snow removal. C.O. Beck and Sons provides a cost-effective and professional snow removal service.