EPDM Roofing Systems

Madison-PaperC.O. Beck and Sons has been installing EPDM (single ply rubber) roof systems on commercial, residential and public buildings since 1982. In recent years, the spectrum of flat and low-pitched roofing in the Northeast has predominantly moved away from asphalt built up roofs in favor of EPDM roof systems. With this shift, we have adapted and innovated to ensure our continued commitment to long-lasting roof systems.

This commitment to excellence is demonstrated in our material manufacturer, Carlisle Syntec Systems, rating our firm one of the top installers of their single-ply roof systems in the United States. Every one of our roofs that carries a warranty from our material manufacturer undergoes a thorough inspection by Carlisle. We have achieved more than four hundred consecutive perfect-10 inspection ratings dating back to 1984. Our reputation speaks for itself.

We recommend installing EPDM roof systems on buildings with little to no roof slope. A roof that does not readily shed water, ice and snow is a prime candidate for this system. Our general rule of thumb is to recommend single-ply systems on structures with a roof slope of 2"/12” or less. The beauty of an EPDM roof system is that it is a watertight membrane. It is designed to withstand inclement environments where standing water, snow and ice may occur.

We fully stand behind our EPDM roof installations by offering system and membrane warranties through our material manufacturer, Carlisle Syntec Systems. These warrantees range from 5 to 20 years.

With our many years of experience and track record for high-quality installations, we are confident in our ability to provide long-lasting EPDM roof systems for the commercial, residential and public sectors.


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List of Projects and Clients - C.O. Beck Single-Ply Roof Installations:

  • Dexter Shoe Warehouse - Dexter, Maine
  • Madison Paper Facilities - Madison, Maine
  • Irving Oil Stations - various Locations throughout Northern New England
  • Rite Aid Stores – various location throughout Maine
  • Goowdill Industries Stores – various locations throughout Maine
  • Cole's Transportation Museum - Bangor, Maine
  • L.L. Bean Warehouse - Freeport, Maine